Sea of Thieves : A Rare review

Trust me on this, When you start exploring the jaw-dropping and fun world of this games you’ll fall in love with the multi layered fun and surprising attentions to details that the game developers Rare have given. And I’m not talking about the beautiful and radiant environment that is set up in this game (sure they are awesome to look at) but the things that are present around you. Everything around you has multi-layered functionality and all of them attach on string to other in order to solve the challenges that the game puts ahead you. Each discovery would lead to another and this games nails the feeling of unravelling the mystery.
Sea of Thieves is great to look at, from Jaw-dropping lighting works in harmony with the deep, rich waves of the open sea as clouds puff in and out of existence.
multi-layered fun and surprising attentions to details

Kudos to Rare for capturing that adventurous and uncertain feeling of being out to sea with all the beauty of radiant sunrises and sunsets

Let me put it this way: It’s like the most beautiful way to chat with your folks online as you play with your friends as a team to move forward into the game. PS: you can also play alone but then I won’t recommend it.
Everything seems placed with a purpose, leaving a trail for something that’ll put you forward into the game. Even if you have to sail a galleon, you need your team to raise, lower, and angle three different sails just to get moving. It’s like the more you guys sail the better you get at it. And when the battle erupts you gotta steer, repair the boat, bail water, and of course firing cannons and all to defend.gameplay screenshot

In my opinion it’s more than just firing canons in a ship to ship battle.

Enough Praising!

Here’s the thing, apart from an adventurous spirit, your only reason to leave the port is to undertake voyages for one of three companies with their respective mission types, and that’s not enough at all. . The Order of Souls asks you to find and kill undead captains.The Gold Hoarders want you to find buried treasures. And the Merchant Company just needs you to capture and deliver animals. This is your primary progress through Sea of Thieves – besides finding random loot out in the world to turn in, or stealing other players’ loot – and that’s its biggest weakness.

The irony of earning Legendary Pirate status only after dozens and dozens of hours working for these companies is ripe, and the grind to the endgame is just too long. And here’s one more thing you can speand your hard earned rewarded gold in only purchasing new voyages and cosmetics for your pirate and ship. Honestly this so demotivating!

Sea of Thieves is more like a party game or a chat room where you meet your folks when you have nothing to talk but the game gives you an agenda to indulge in.

It’ll all come to on point that whether or not you are playing this game with interesting people. This single factor will change your perception about this game.

Happy sailing!

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