Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay

From the creator of Witcher 3, CD Projekt RED , here comes a game that we’ve all been waiting for – “Cyberpunk 2077 “.

FYI this game was announced three years before The Witcher III: Wild Hunt and since then it has been six years and finally its about to make a grand entry to please the gamer community.

It’s an adaptation of Mike Pondsmith’s Cyberpunk 2020 (not a direct one as the plot of this game extrapolates its storyline with a bit off-track events majorly focusing on the character development and it’s problems rather than talking about a bigger picture.)


Coming to the point

Wow it looks great. The game looks great , super fun and quite intimidating at first. Well these words definitely sum up the in-game experience but heck no , there’s a lot to talk about it.

Let’s get started

Cuberpunk 2077 has a plot revolving around V [I know It’s weird] basically they are a nomad or a vagabond living their life in the Night City which is supposed to be the largest metropolis in California. There’s a tonne of things to explore around here including city’s districts, neighbourhoods, jobs, blend in this dystopian society, gangs, tech dealers, agents etc. Make no mistake but your character will not only interact and explore this but also leave a mark on it.


Who is the protagonist?

Well You are , basically. You create your own character and you groom yourself with having options like gender choice, personal style, ethnic background , your own backstory ( what made you come to this city) or may be you like to be a local. This all will affect the game’s storyline and circumstances in various manners.
You do side-quests and earn rewards to enhance the character or I might say “you”.

It’s an First Person game

So you knew its an RPG. Well it’s a first person too. Do you like it?

Cyberpunk 2077’s gameplay focuses on decision making through out a meticulously scripted dynamic encounters within the Night City. What it does right is it’ll make you pretty comfortable and relatable to character my letting you incharge of calling the shots . This puts you directly into the shoes of the protagonist and let you live the story of this dystopian society.
As you progress in game, you acquire a significant upgrades in weapons and abilities. This would have a drastic change in the way you play the game.

You can pull out homing shots through smart firearms , bullet penetration like amplified buffs by tech guns and use pistols and other generic arms in power weapons category. Don’t stop right here , they can have a tonne of attachments and enhancements. Just be ready for the plethora of choices to make.
Only for your curiosity:
There are six districts of Night City in Cyberpunk 2077
-City Center
-Santo Domingo
I wont unleash the details of each one as what would be fun in that. Go on and explore by yourself. Trust me its worth it.

Some philosophical lines

Game developer these days are competing tirelessly to offer a different experience in the game by making us take more decision and get into the shoes of the character and deeply get related to the plot. Well enough right! Now buzz off .

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