Fortnite on iOS

Now you can join Fortnite’s invite event on iOS. Folks with an iOS device can now sign up here to be on the waitlist of invite event of Fortnite. You’ll then receive an email invite once you are able to play the game.
Last week it was announced that the mobile expansion of fortnite will be coming to iOS first followed by Android and game developers have confirmed the support for cross platform for Xbox one with pc, Mac and mobile. Sorry for PS4 guys , there are no updates regarding ps4
Senior system designer also confirmed on Reddit that there’ll be now support for game controllers on mobile platforms for now so as to make it fair for all.

fortnite will be coming to iOS first followed by Android

Fortnite: Battle Royal is a revolution in it’s own way. After Pokemon Go not a single game has made it this far.

Cross platform flexibiliy

The fact that Fortnite is cross platform and can be played on PC, console, and even mobile is an astonishing example of the power and flexibility that Unreal real engine packs.

fortnite gameplay poster

PUBG has already two mobile games rolling in china and both of them are considered of very good quality. What’s surprising is that one of them is almost looks and feel like PC version.

Now that more AAA games are joining the league and at a much larger scale game industry is likely to go gaga over it.

We often think of mobile games as a lesser and smaller creation. If this game would manage to please us and keep up to its hype, it would change the way we think of mobile games and would definitely bring a revolution to the mobile gaming industry.

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