Far cry 5 little intricacies

Ubisot is making it harder for other game producers to compete day by day.

Far cry has always been this studio’s gem and now that the 5th installment of Far cry is about to get released, info from various sources are surfacing. And every one of them are pointing to the level of details that this game has to offer. You may have watched the trailers and the gameplays but trust me on this that this is way more deeper than you think

Developers of the game have built a resistance meter which tracks your progress throughout the game’s several regions. You can build up the influence of the resistance by saving captured citizens, destroying Eden’s Gate structures, completing missions and liberating outposts from cultists.

You can play with your friends as a team and this brings out different sets of skills to tackle the objective.There’s even a dog named Boomer that attacks enemies and retrieve animals that you hunt.

There are multiple ways to solve a problem, and in the midst of such an amazing,detailed and beautiful environment if you pull-out such creative ways of gameplay , then no doubt the game is going to rock!

I think we have arrived in a video game era where every thing makes sense now and developers and studio takes pride to produce a plot rich with actuall facts and mythology and ancient history that when experienced in game would take you back to the memory lane if you have already live in that era.

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