Complete Far Cry 5 in 10 minutes

Remember Far Cry 4 we found a trick to complete the game in shorter period of time in comparison to the regular story-line gameplay. Well! Ubisoft have a sneaky way of completing Far Cry 5 in about 10 minutes.It’ll be completely dependent upon the decisions that you make in the game story-line.
Far Cry 5 campaign can easily stretch the total gameplay duration to approx. 25hrs although it depends on how much you engage with the side missions. Now if I tell you that you can end this game when the story has just begun then won’t you be shocked?

You can do this by taking a decision of whether or not to cuff cult leader Joseph Seed. If you refuse, after about 90 seconds you’ll trigger a sequence that ends the game.

If you want have more fun and engaging experience I’ll highly suggest you to try Far Cry Arcade as it has some crazy new ideas to experience. You can read more about the Far Cry Arcade in my previous blog where I disclosed all the new stuffs that can change the whole experience of Far Cry.

Far cry 5 is now available on Xbox Obe, PS4 and PC.This game wild even to such extent that there’s a Testicle Festival, seems weird right! Even more Ubisoft have extensive DLCs planned which sounds even more whackier.
Well don’t wait as get your hands on this game and experience the best of Far Cry yet.

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