Sea of Thieves


Sea of Thieves : A Rare review

Sea of Thieves : A Rare review
Trust me on this, When you start exploring the jaw-dropping and fun world of this games you’ll fall in love with the multi layered fun and surprising attentions to details that the game developers Rare have given. And I’m not talking about the beautiful and radiant environment that is set up in this game (sure they are awesome to look at) but the things that are present around you. Everything around you has multi-layered functionality and all of them attach on string to other in order to solve the challenges that the game puts ahead you. Each discovery would lead to another and this games nails the feeling of unravelling the mystery. Sea of Thieves is great to look at, from Jaw-dropping lighting works in harmony with the deep, rich waves of the open sea as clouds puff in and out of existence.



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