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8.6k players ambushed by Skunks in Far Cry 5 !!

8.6k players ambushed by Skunks in Far Cry 5 !!
 Fastest Selling Far Cry yet with 8.6K players ambushed by skunks Well by now you may heared that Far Cry 5 is a great game to play but now it has officially become the fastest selling game in the entire franchise.Couldn’t believe ! take a look at some crazy stats that ubisoft just threw. This is an infographic that Ubisoft made public. Well I’m sure you had fun reading it. Far cry 5 is also now the 2nd biggest game to launch by Ubisoft and is only succeeded by Tom Clancy’s The division which made $310 million USD in its 1st week. Leave the revenue, Far Cry 5 players have streamed more than 55,000 hrs of pure gameplay on Twitch. YouTube has got this game 117 ...

Complete Far Cry 5 in about 10 minutes

Complete Far Cry 5 in about 10  minutes
                                              Complete Far Cry 5 in 10 minutes Remember Far Cry 4 we found a trick to complete the game in shorter period of time in comparison to the regular story-line gameplay. Well! Ubisoft have a sneaky way of completing Far Cry 5 in about 10 minutes.It’ll be completely dependent upon the decisions that you make in the game story-line. Far Cry 5 campaign can easily stretch the total gameplay duration to approx. 25hrs although it depends on how much you engage with the side missions. Now if I tell you that you can end this game when the story has just begun then won’t you be shocked? You can do this by taking a decision of whether or not to cuff cult leader Joseph Seed. If you ...

Far cry 5 little intricacies

Far cry 5 little intricacies
Ubisot is making it harder for other game producers to compete day by day. Far cry has always been this studio’s gem and now that the 5th installment of Far cry is about to get released, info from various sources are surfacing. And every one of them are pointing to the level of details that this game has to offer. You may have watched the trailers and the gameplays but trust me on this that this is way more deeper than you think Developers of the game have built a resistance meter which tracks your progress throughout the game’s several regions. You can build up the influence of the resistance by saving captured citizens, destroying Eden’s Gate structures, completing missions and liberating outposts from cultists. You can play with your friends ...



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