AC Origins: The Curse of the Pharaohs

Assassin’s Creed Origins latest DLC The Curse of the Pharaohs is out

Assassin’s Creed Origins takes you this time to the ancient Egypt making yourself home with tonnes of tombs and spooky afterlife trips with it latest DLC The curse of the Pharaohs.Well it’s proven to amaze you with the mysterious ancient Egyptian myths and rituals.

This time the plot comes with the relevance to the time period having challenging combat which are infact quite fun to experience and all this within a stunning ancient architecture and setting.We come across the city of Thebes: a hub of trade and beautiful monuments.The Nile river, valley of kings, home to the temples of konark and Luxor would definitely bound you to play this beautiful and fun DLC

The spirits of the pharaohs are angered by the theft of their artifacts and return from the afterlife to wreak havoc on Thebes’ citizens. This is not just a hollow story like the Hidden Ones DLC rather a more interesting and engaging journey through the afterlife, and it’s a well-done story that’s filled with symbolism.

Tonnes of attention have been given to details in order to keep the story line engaging a real

What ths DLC has to offer

Some of the most memorable moments of Curse of the Pharaohs come while exploring the mystical afterlife worlds of the pharaohs. The atmosphere of each underworld Bayek visits is extremely different from the next, reflecting the life of the king or queen it represents. You find Nefertiti in Aaru, known by the ancient Egyptians as a beautiful paradise where the spirits of those who lived a balanced life would rest. Tutankhamun, by contrast, is found in Duat: a dark and dangerous place, similar to the Christian concept of purgatory, where spirits go to be judged. This world is nothing but surreal in all its way.

There are several things that make the game more exciting like when you defeat a Pharaohs you are rewarded with their weapons. Variety of these weapons and various fighting styles add a layer to this game that makes it feel ore realistic in its own way.

The things like the side activities of hunting down stolen relics and exploring tombs etc may lead to boring monotonous gameplay but thanks to various elements of reality and surreal environment AC origin: THE CURSE OF THE PHARAOHS have managed its way to the list of interesting and gripping games till now.

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