A Way Out: An Overview

A Way Out is a cinematic co-op action/adventure game created by Hazlelight Studios developers led by Josef Fares(Writer/Director) known for Brothers: A Tale of two sons. It is a story driven game which can be played only in the split-screen mode with a friend on your couch or online. The developers wanted to create a unique co-operative game so they decided to opt out of the traditional drop-in and drop-out format featured in mainstream co-op games, so you have to play the full game with another player. The game is available for PC, PS4 and XBOX One X and was released on 23 March 2018.

The game is set in a 70s style prison which is not only limited to a cliche cop drama but involves a prison break adventure plot filled with emotions and flashbacks to narrate the story. Players can choose between two characters Vincent and Leo. Vincent is a new inmate who is diplomatic but determined to escape and uses his wit to get his way. Leo is someone who is not interested in making friends and is willing to go to any length to get the job done with an escape in his sight. Both of them don’t always get along but it is revealed that they have some sort of a common enemy and have to work together to achieve them. The revenge fueled plot and uses many cut-scenes for story narration and character development.

Gameplay involves sneaking around and making plans to hide from the guards, driving a car while the other player is on a shooting spree, riding a bike, robbing a gas station or even rowing a boat together. Several mini games like arm wrestling, board games etc can also be played in between which keeps the game fresh. The game can be played only in split screen mode and it is specially designed to be a two-player game

The action-packed scenes are really enjoyable especially with a friend on the couch

. At times you have to make decisions which defines your path. Players need to work together and perform specific tasks which are not fixed to a particular character and can be opted by either one of them. Players have to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles in the game by making plans to progress.

A Way Out looks best on a PC at maximum settings but comparing the graphics on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, Xbox edges out PS4.The game offers two modes in Xbox One X in which one favours the performance and the other favours the resolution whereas there are no such modes in PS4 Pro surprisingly. The graphics are much better on the Xbox One X even though PS4 Pro does not lack any hardware requirements to run the game. But one has to mention that

it has an indie look and can in no way be compared to the AAA titles.


This game is definitely worth giving a shot and because of its unique gameplay, movie like cut-scenes, action packed set pieces, a dramatic story filled with emotions and a great ending. It is a memorable experience and all you need is a friend willing to play with you.

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