8.6k players ambushed by Skunks in Far Cry 5 !!

 Fastest Selling Far Cry yet with 8.6K players ambushed by skunks

Well by now you may heared that Far Cry 5 is a great game to play but now it has officially become the fastest selling game in the entire franchise.Couldn’t believe ! take a look at some crazy stats that ubisoft just threw.

This is an infographic that Ubisoft made public. Well I’m sure you had fun reading it.

Far cry 5 is also now the 2nd biggest game to launch by Ubisoft and is only succeeded by Tom Clancy’s The division which made $310 million USD in its 1st week. Leave the revenue, Far Cry 5 players have streamed more than 55,000 hrs of pure gameplay on Twitch. YouTube has got this game 117 million views on various gameplays. These are some very astonishing figures to look at I’m sure if you haven’t played this game till now , this article would probably be unsettling for you 🙂
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